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fundraiser (noun) cabinet for holding silverware. The bagman: Superintendent of Finance. [Familiar] Today, the great financier: Minister of Finance.

Meaning and uses

silversmith – Relating to Argentiere, French commune located in the department of Seine-et-Marne. officer who was clerk to the court to distribute certain funds money Particularly the Superintendent or Minister of Finance, the One who made the trade of money
silversmith – noun masculine ‘He who works money, goldsmith.’ Aliboron, 18 GDC HUG silversmith FEW I, XXV and 136a, 191b argentarius TLF III, 471a silversmith Hist. TLF: 1393. Lespinasse goldsmiths (II 1-60).
bagman – Storage cabinet that allows it to exhibit collections of objects away from the dust! The shelves are glass and lighting can be installed.

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